Dear Reader,

Please allow me the honour and privilege of welcoming you to the new mini-site for my books in the UK. I have never considered myself as much a writer as an entertainer. I've sincerely felt that my job was to entertain you the reader in such a manner that when you reached the end of the book you felt that you had got your money's worth.

When I created Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino and all their friends in the NUMA books and the characters in the other series I had no idea how many people I would eventually reach around the world. Even now I cannot express anything other than humility for being lucky enough to do so.

Pacific Vortex was the first book that introduced the main characters, Treasure of Khan the most recent. All of them were a figment of my imagination except for Al Giordino. He was based on an old Air Force buddy of mine who is still a good friend after almost fifty-five years. Throughout all the books, many beautiful women have come and gone until Dirk Pitt finally married Loren Smith, and many villains have been stopped from causing all kinds of mischief. Long may it continue!

My son, Dirk, and I dedicate ourselves to maintaining the quality and creativity for your reading pleasure.

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